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Paprika Red, 50g


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New Paprika Red - Natural Food Color, 50g Expand

Natural Orange food coloring, Paprika based, 50 grams.

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Natural orange food coloring, viscous liquid, based on paprika oleoresin extracted from Capsicum Annuum L. red peppers.

It has a very high coloring strength and it is transparent in the final product.

Capsaicin (the pungent substance in red peppers) has been removed at a 99% rate, as part of the the processing of this color. Therefore, due to low dosage (1 to 3 grams/kg), your product will be practically pungency free.

It can be used in any food product with an aqueous or oily phase, such as bakery, pastry, beverages, ice cream, snacks, meat, confectionery, chocolate, etc.

Excellent stability against light, heat and low pH.

Net weight: 50 grams