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Choco -FunCakes Special Edition - Chocolate Flavoured Fondant , 250g

FunCakes FunCakes


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Sale! New Choco -FunCakes Special Edition - Chocolate Flavoured Fondant , 250g Expand

Choco -FunCakes Special Edition - Chocolate Flavoured Fondant , 250g

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Everybody loves chocolate! This FunCakes flavoured fondant has a chocolate flavour and is perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes and more.

The rolled fondant from FunCakes has an improved rolling quality and a smoother texture. This makes it even more easier to use. After processing the fondant hardens.

For a round cake with a diameter of 24/26 cm you need approx. 500 gram of fondant to cover the cake completely.

For decorations like a bow, you can add per 250 gram fondant one full teaspoon of tylo powder and maybe some water. Before use knead well and roll out on a thin layer of icing sugar.

The FunCakes Special Edition Flavoured Fondant is a range of new and seasonal fondant with a temporary character.

Coloured with real cocoa.

Perfect for birthday cake icing and cupcake decorating. 

Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Once open, seal in a plastic zip lock bag or container.