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List of products by manufacturer FunCakes


A delicious cake. Beautiful cupcakes. An impressive cake.
With the products of FunCakes you can make the tastiest and greatest creations yourself!

FunCakes was established in February 2009. The company is part of the Dutch company NewCakes BV in Wormer.
The founders of FunCakes are people with passion for the job. They are often to be found in the kitchen themselves.

FunCakes is selling an extensive assortment of ingredients and products that belong to the branch of baking, decorating and packing of cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and cookies.

The broad assortment is continuously extended, in the width and depth. The product range can be divided into baking mixes (of traditional quality), marzipan, roll fondant, decorations, chocolate, cake boxes, baking powders, presentation and spices for patisserie. Het FunCakes assortment is available at many specialized webshops, retail chains and wholesalers in a large number of European countries.

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