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New Adjustable rolling pin 40 cm - Silikomart Expand

Adjustable Rolling Pin for 3 different thickness -40cm- Silikomart Wonder Cakes

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The Silikomart adjustable rolling pin allows you to make your fondant or marzipan always on the correct thickness. The different silicone rings allow you to regulate the thickness of your fondant, marzipan, cookie dough, gum paste and more.

On the sides of the rolling pin you can insert 3 silicone rings of different dimensions to regulate the height of the rolling pin and also the thickness of the fondant or marzipan.

Rolling pin: 4 cm in dia and 40 cm wide.
Ring: 2 x 1 mm.
Ring: 2 x 2 mm.
Ring: 2 x 3 mm.

Content: rolling pin and 6 silicone rings.