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Sugar Paste / Icing / Fondant / Marzipan

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If you want the perfect medium for decorating your cake then our ready to roll icing or marzipan are for you. Their uses are many and varied, from a simple white covering for a fruit cake, the bright colours needed for a child’s superhero-themed birthday cake or for complex models and decorations. We know our products will be used for all kinds of wonderfully creative baking endeavours, so we offer it in pure white and an astonishing palette colours. With such a variety on offer there really is no limit to what you can achieve.

The recipe of our fondant is the best on the market, and includes gum tragacanth. This makes our ready to roll icing incredibly pliable and strong, which means it can be worked and shaped into just about anything. You won’t need to rush yourself as the icing stays supple while you work before hardening. So you can create model flowers, people or whatever you desire and know they’ll look great when the cake is finally revealed. Just dust your work surface down with some icing sugar, knead the icing and then roll it out to the desired thickness. Be sure to store the icing in an airtight container between uses to keep it in perfect condition.

Whether you’re making a birthday cake or a batch of cupcakes our fondant icing is available in two pack sizes. If you just need a little yellow to create the petals on some flowers then you can buy a 250g pack. Or maybe you’re creating a multi-tiered wedding cake that has to be shared around dozens of guests? Then order up a 2.5 kilo pack of our white ready to roll icing.

We know you’ll be delighted with our icing products, no matter what you’re baking.

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